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Driving instruction should be fun, and I'm going to help You with this.
Professional avtoinstruktorom, conducts classes with students according to individual programs and a flexible schedule.
Learning to drive with any level of education with "zero" there site. The program includes everything you need for a novice driver, and the driver having a little driving experience (the technique of rotation of the steering wheel, work with pedals, testing and examination programs for police, parallel Parking, entry into the box, turn in the confined space, the snake, the traffic in the busy city traffic - rebuild and overtaking, skillful maneuvering, execution of any routes, on the request of the student do any training.
During training You will learn to feel the car, to go up the hill without rollback and generally calm and pleasant drive.. the Instructor teaches on your vehicle is equipped with a second pedal. It is also possible training by car disciple.


1. Exam preparation:
-Theory and PDD
-Stop and hill start assist
-Parallel Parking
-The snake
Check-in in the garage

2. City driving:
-Driving in dense traffic
-Parking rules
-Driving on motorways (development of interchanges of MKAD)
Course courteous driving
Driving at dusk (driving at night)

3. Counter emergency preparedness:
-Driving in bad weather (rain, snow)
-Anti icing driving (especially braking)
-Learning to drive on the road (on the machine of the student)


Cost of training:

VAZ 2114, «mechanics» of 400 rubles / Academ. the hour.
car Daewoo Nexia «mechanics» 450 RUB / Academ. the hour.
car Hyundai Getz, «the machine» 700 rubles / Academ. the hour.

Payment takes place only after the lesson.
Perhaps training in Your car.

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